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Magazine interview How to prevent injury when wakesurfing?

Magazine interview – How to prevent injury when wakesurfing?

Wakesurfing is a water sport in which a rider trails behind a boat, riding the boat’s wake. This has become a popular and “instagrammable” sport recently. However, Alan has concern about whether every one is suitable to wakesurf. “Some may think that girls are more suitable to wakesurf because it is non-contact sport and seems easy. In fact, wakesurfing involves complex movements and requires strong core muscles,” said Alan.

Insufficient trunk and gluteal muscle strength causing knee stress

Before successful wakesurfing, beginners need to squat down and then wait for an opportunity to stand. If they do not manage to stand on wakesurf board, they will have to maintain in bent knee position. On the other hand, they have to be in squat position while wakesurfing. This could cause problems in those sitting for long time in office. Most office workers have weak core muscles and tight hip and that the stress goes to joints. Because the strength of the waist and abdomen of office workers is weak, the hip joints are less active and become stiff, and that pressure will be transferred to joints instead of muscle. “Especially in wakesurfing, you need to twist a lot to strike balance. If you are tight in upper body or hip, you will be twisting your knees,” Alan said.  It is common for beginners to have knee injury and pain after wakesurfing with wrong posture for hours.

Strengthening core lower body and improving balance

For newcomers of wakesurfing, they seldom experience a suddenly inflamed knee. However, Alan recommended to constantly review our ability while  exploring a new sport. “If you seldom exercise, I suggest not to play for long time nor to try advanced movement. You should warm up before wakesurfing and relax with stretching afterwards,” Alan said.  He reminded those having injury over trunk and lower legs to pay extra attention.

Alan suggested seeking medical advice if  there is always pain in body after each wakesurfing. “It is normal to experience certain body pain for the first time of wakesurfing as your muscles are not used to a new sport.  It is likely to get better after rest. However, if you have pain after each wakesurfing, it could be a signal that some joints are tight and some muscles are weak,” Alan warned. Alan advocates to strengthen core and lower leg muscles, which can enhance your balance and help you master this sport.

3 actions to help you navigate Wakesurf

Split Squat
Hip airplane
Pallof press