OneEssential - Physiotherapy clinic in Hong Kong

Our vision The game changer

Our vision – The game changer

I want people to experience a high quality and comprehensive physiotherapy service.

Over years of practice, I had always come across patients who misunderstood our roles, which could get me frustrated.

“I thought physiotherapists only taught stretching and followed what the doctor ordered.”

“I never knew physiotherapists could help me until the doctor referred me to see you.”

Indeed, a detailed assessment, education and exercises rehabilitation are the basis of our role. Especially in a city of hustle, we as physiotherapists, are constantly making efforts to indoctrinate society about the notions of physiotherapy. There are no shortcuts in the path to rehabilitation.

OneEssential will stand for professionalism, and will also nurture talented and passionate therapists. We also believe in specialization, to focus on what we are good at. We work hand in hand with other professionals to maximize service quality.

We are rehabilitation specialists. We strive to explore the root cause of your discomfort and offer the best rehab solutions!

Alan Hui
Founder and Registered Physiotherapist