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Enhancing Workplace Wellness: Introducing Corporate Physiotherapy Services

In today’s competitive business landscape, companies are recognizing the strategic value of prioritizing the physical and mental well-being of their workforce. 

Learn More About Our Corporate Wellness Services

As a leading physiotherapy centre at Causeway Bay, we understand the critical role that employee wellness plays in the success of today’s businesses. At the heart of our corporate wellness offering is our team of experienced physiotherapists. We provide different services to help your employees maintain peak physical condition and manage any work-related conditions.


  • Minimize downtime
  • Improve productivity
  • Reduce healthcare costs
  • Enhance the physical environment
  • Optimize work processes

Reasons to Choose Our Professional Physiotherapy Clinic


We apply a personal and tailored approach. From day one you will talk to the professional who will treat you.


Time is of the Essence. Our physiotherapists bring wellness solutions directly to your workplace.


Our conveniently located physiotherapy center is situated near public transportation.

Partnering with our physiotherapy centre gives your organization a competitive edge. Let us help you create a culture of wellness that boosts employee engagement, reduces absenteeism, and drives long-term business success.

Tailored Corporate Wellness Solutions

At our conveniently located physiotherapy center, we understand that every organization has unique employee wellness needs. That’s why we prioritize open communication and collaboration with your HR team to develop a tailored corporate wellness program that addresses the specific requirements of your business.

On-Site Physiotherapy Assessments and Treatment

Regular visits by physiotherapists to conduct one-on-one assessments and provide hands-on treatment for employees. Addressing work-related injuries, chronic conditions, and general musculoskeletal issues.

Ergonomic Evaluations and Workplace Modifications

Comprehensive assessments of workstations, equipment, and work processes. Customized recommendations to improve ergonomics, posture, and minimize injury risk.

Injury Prevention Workshops and Training

Educational seminars on topics like proper lifting techniques, desk stretching, and injury-reducing exercises. Hands-on workshops to teach employees preventative strategies and self-care techniques

Physical Rehabilitation and Return-to-Work Programs

Personalized rehabilitation plans for employees recovering from injuries or medical conditions. Collaborative approach with HR to facilitate a safe and successful return to work.

Group Exercise Classes and Wellness Challenges

On-site fitness classes like functional movement training. Support friendly wellness competitions and challenges to promote active lifestyles.


We are open for custom corporate wellness packages. Please contact us through email and WhatsApp.

Yes. We provide formal receipts for any insurance that covers physiotherapy services. A doctor referral is usually requested by insurance companies as well, so worth checking with your provider. If you need any help, feel free to contact us. We can recommend some doctors to you according to your needs.

Yes. We can provide formal physiotherapy progress report and medical summary per request.

Yes, we do offer corporate discounts on our physiotherapy services, and the exact discount will depend on the size of your company and the specific services package you're interested in. Please contact us through email and WhatsApp.

What To Expect From Our Physiotherapy Consultation

Every step included in our treatment allows us to create a personalised therapy plan that helps us address each of your unique needs. The different parts of our physiotherapy program also allow us to resolve the root cause of your pain and ensure that it does not recur.

Review your progress to find out what you need the most at different stages of recovery. It helps us identify the root cause.
Identify treatment goals and plans. We want clients to see the full picture of their condition rather than just follow instructions.
We emphasise personalised pain management services according to your unique condition. Identifying continuous improvements after every therapy session is essential.
The most vital component at OneEssential. We do more than just ease your pain, focusing on moving better to live better.

Treatment Methods

With our combination of eastern and western techniques, we will provide significant relief for any discomfort that has been holding you back!

Focused Shockwave Therapy

“Electroacoustic Shockwave” technology generates stable high-energy shock waves to enter the affected area, penetrate the muscle and tendon layer, and awaken the cells to self-repair and quickly eliminating pain.

High Intensity Laser therapy

This mechanical wave stimulates local microcirculation and supports lymph drainage of the pathological area. Combining biostimulation and photomechanical stimulation, it can promote healing and reduce swelling.

Manual Therapy

Techniques like joint mobilization and soft tissue mobilization are used to restore mobility, alleviate pain, and promote healing. It’s safe, non-invasive, and often used in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatments.


Dry needling, also known as modern acupuncture, is a technique used by physiotherapists, to treat musculoskeletal pain. It involves inserting thin needles into muscles and tendon to stimulate a healing response and relieve pain.


Visit Our Physiotherapy Clinic for Your Work-related Pain

Our conveniently located physiotherapy center is situated near public transportation and within walking distance of surrounding businesses at Causeway Bay and Happy Valley.

Frequently Asked Questions

Feeling pain in your body is normal, especially if you engage in physical activities, sit in front of a computer for long periods, or have a history of injury. However, if the pain you’re feeling is recurring, persistent and prevents you from your daily activities, you might need to visit a pain treatment clinic.

Chronic pain is pain that is persistent after several weeks. This type of pain can limit your body’s functional capacity and even cause physical decline. Suffering from chronic pain may cause adaptations that are not ideal for normal daily life and may even prevent you from optimum activity. If you have been suffering from persistent pain for several weeks to months, you should seek pain management treatment.

Our pain management program at OneEssential does not only aim to provide you with pain relief but also addresses the source of your condition.

If you are outside our pain management clinic and are experiencing pain, you can talk with your specialist. The best specialist will not only help you treat pain, but educate you on what you should be doing at home to achieve lasting results.