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Move Freely Through Our Neck and Back Pain Treatment

Get rid of the persistent pain in your neck and back by turning to OneEssential. We offer exceptional neck and back pain therapy to help you regain mobility and live a better life.

More Information About Our Neck and Back Pain Therapy

If you are an office worker who often spends hours staring at a computer screen without moving much, you might experience neck pain. This condition could also be aggravated by poor posture, especially leaning forward or hunching over. If you have acute or chronic neck pain, you should consider booking an appointment with OneEssential. We offer hands-on neck pain therapy to improve your condition.

Additionally, you can count on us for quality back pain therapy. We specialise in this kind of treatment because we know that most adults experience some kind of back pain. If not treated, back pain can prevent you from completing your tasks at work and enjoying the things you do.

Conditions Improved by Our Neck Pain Treatment and Back Pain Treatment

At OneEssential, we are committed to providing you with quality services to address your neck and back pain. With the help of our specialist, we offer neck and back pain therapy that will allow you to regain your mobility and improve your quality of life. Here are the conditions we can help with through our back and neck pain therapy.

Neck Pain

Sitting in front of a computer all day without proper posture can put an unnecessary strain on your neck. Failure to correct this problem for a long time can cause you to suffer from acute or chronic neck pain. At OneEssential, we offer outstanding neck pain therapy and make sure to address the root cause of your problem.

Back Pain

Back pain can often be caused by injuries and improper posture. Although it is common, it doesn’t mean that you should endure your back pain for a long time. Regain your mobility and improve your life quality by taking advantage of our back pain therapy.


One condition that can cause you to experience back pain is scoliosis. This condition can cause bone damage in your back and put pressure on your nerves as it progresses. To help you manage the symptoms and improve your mobility, our specialist at OneEssential is here to help.

Why Choose Our Back and Neck Pain Clinic

You shouldn’t endure your neck and back pain for a long time and suffer unnecessarily. At OneEssential, you can count on us to provide you with neck pain treatment and back pain treatment to help address your pain. We will also make sure to find the root cause of your condition instead of only relieving your pain short-term.

Our neck and back pain treatments are also personalised to your specific needs to help you recover faster. Our specialist will work with you one-on-one to learn more about your condition and determine the best possible course of action to address your pain.

Additionally, our specialist will provide you with a hands-on experience during your back or neck pain treatment to put more focus on your progress. You will have a one-on-one session with our therapist every time to give you the best quality care.

Our Neck Pain Therapy and Back Pain Therapy Program

At our back and neck pain clinic, we prioritise your recovery. We always make sure to provide you with high-quality pain treatment to help you regain your mobility and improve your quality of life. To achieve this, we have created a holistic pain management program that involves several steps.

Before receiving back or neck pain treatment or training from our specialist, we will require you to undergo an assessment. This initial step allows us to learn more about your condition and look for the best solution to address the root cause of your problem. We will also make sure to educate you about your condition so you can be involved with your neck or back pain treatment.

Review your progress to find out what you need the most at different stages of recovery. It helps us identify the root cause.
Identify treatment goals and plans. We want clients to see the full picture of their condition rather than just follow instructions.
We emphasise personalised treatment according to your unique condition. Identifying continuous improvements after every therapy session is essential.
The most vital component at our back and neck pain clinic. We do more than just ease your pain, focusing on moving better to live better.

Get Your Neck and Back Pain Treatment From the Best

Choose OneEssential for all your neck and back pain needs. Our specialist at our clinic is committed to relieving your pain and addressing the root cause of your condition. Choose to live pain-free today and have a better quality of life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Your back pain might be caused by different factors, such as strains and sprains, muscle overuse, and injury. Certain conditions can also cause you to experience chronic back pain, including a slipped disc, degenerative disc disease, and spondylolisthesis. But with back pain therapy, your condition can be improved and relieved long-term.

Experiencing back pain every once in a while is normal, especially if you engage in physically strenuous activities such as sports. However, if you’ve been dealing with your back pain for more than six weeks, you should seek back pain treatment as soon as possible.

There are different reasons why you are experiencing neck pain. Sometimes, you will suffer from neck pain if you’re overdoing an activity or sitting for long periods. Neck pain can also be caused by previous injuries or aging. To relieve the pain in your neck, you should consider getting neck pain therapy.

Neck pain is a fairly common kind of pain that most adults experience. So, if your neck pain goes away in a few days, you should be fine. However, if it lasts more than a week, it’s best to visit a back and neck pain clinic and have it checked.