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Treatment Techniques

Focused Shockwave Therapy

“Electroacoustic Shockwave” technology generates stable high-energy shock waves to enter the affected area, penetrate the muscle and tendon layer, and awaken the cells to self-repair and quickly eliminating pain.

High Intensity Laser therapy

This mechanical wave stimulates local microcirculation and supports lymph drainage of the pathological area. Combining biostimulation and photomechanical stimulation, it can promote healing and reduce swelling.

Manual Therapy

Techniques like joint mobilization and soft tissue mobilization are used to restore mobility, alleviate pain, and promote healing. It’s safe, non-invasive, and often used in conjunction with other physiotherapy treatments.

Modern Acupuncture / Dry needling

Dry needling, also known as modern acupuncture, is a technique used by physiotherapists, to treat musculoskeletal pain. It involves inserting thin needles into muscles and tendon to stimulate a healing response and relieve pain.

Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation (NMES)

NMES involves the application of electrical currents to stimulate muscles and nerves, promoting muscle contraction. NMES is commonly utilized in rehabilitation programs for individuals with muscle weakness or neurological conditions, and it can be an effective non-invasive tool for enhancing muscle function and aiding in recovery.

Pulsed Magnetic Field (PMF)

PMF therapy is a non-invasive technique that promotes healing and alleviates pain. It involves the application of electromagnetic fields to the body, which penetrate deep into tissues and stimulate cellular activity. It helps improve blood flow and circulation in the affected area, which can aid in reducing edema and swelling.

Sports Taping

Rigid tape is used to immobilize and support joints, particularly in high-impact sports or activities that involve rapid changes in direction. It helps prevent excessive movement and reduces the risk of sprains or strains, and provides a sense of stability.

Kinesiology Taping

Kinesio tape is thought to create a lifting effect on the skin, which may help improve circulation and lymphatic drainage, reducing swelling and promoting healing. Kinesio tape has also been used to alleviate pain associated with various conditions. Some theories suggest that it may help reduce pain by providing sensory stimulation, altering movement patterns, or supporting injured tissues.

Rehabilitation Exercise

The most vital component at OneEssential is the exercises. They can help improve pain tolerance and tissue capacity, such as strength and flexibility. We teach exercises that are tailored to your current physical level and needs, aiming to tackle the root causes and prevent recurrence. Our program also focuses on gradual progress, allowing you to safely advance from a beginner level and work towards achieving full recovery.

Beyond Instant Relief: An overview of a session at OneEssential


We apply a personal and tailored approach. From day one you will talk to the professional who will treat you.


We conduct comprehensive assessments and offer reliable explanations to identify the root causes of your concerns.


We provide science-backed education on how to manage a condition properly and prevent its recurrence.

Review your progress to find out what you need the most at different stages of recovery. It helps us identify the root cause and plan an effective treatment regime for you.
Identify physiotherapy treatment goals and plans. We want clients to see the full picture of you condition and make sure you are aware and educated about your treatment every step of the way.
We emphasise personalised treatment according to your unique condition. Identifying continuous improvements after every therapy session is essential.
The most vital component at OneEssential. We do more than just ease your pain, focusing on moving better to live better. We don’t just help you get better. We teach you what you need to do to stay better.

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